I was studding in the academy of art,which I graduated in1996. In 1990 I was studding at The faculty of cinematic art In1989. I started studding restoration and in 1991 I graduated Tre faculty of wall restoration. In 2001 I graduated from the Faculty of Cinematography. In 2009 I had solo exhibition in ministery of internal affairs. Outside the Georgia, in 2002 I had in exhibition in Germany and tn 2004 in Ukraine. Celebrities have my artworks in their collections:

Painting is my demand. Its the only way I can express my thoughts and show my inner world.
The source of my ispiration comes from my inner world. At first my eyes see it then my brain work on it and finally every thing.
I cant give a specific name to this generation. I Paint processes and every occurrences,which happens around me.I breathe in life into an inanimate objects and I gave them an ideal shape and importance.
Every object has it's own shape. I Try to paint my vision of these objects. I Want to show what is that ,what remains nidden to human eye

Famous people like Pierre Cardin and Keti Melua have my artworks in their collections.